Experts In Elder Care

Elsie’s House is the dream of a dynamic mother and daughter team, Verna Paynter and Cyndi Shear.

Both of us have been life long nurturers and after years of caring for elderly family and friends, we knew there was a better way to care for the elderly in a long term residential living situation. So in 2008 we proceeded to change the way the elderly in Corvallis were cared for. After growing to 5 homes, we eventually turned the reigns over to others to carry on that vision.

The nurturing nature never went away…when it is your calling in life it becomes your passion!

Both of us returned to Eugene and in helping friends with support, we recognized a HUGE missing part of caring for the elderly. That being short term care for the day that let them socialize and have activities with their peers.

And when passion calls, you answer! So Elsie’s House was born!

We love seeing that spark in our friends (clients) and being that support for their caregivers. The support you will get is a valuable part of knowing us….this may be your first loved one to go through this, after over 30 years doing this…they are not our first. We are here for you too!

We are honored and excited to bring a unique Adult Day Care to Eugene and do it in a way to make the last part of your loved ones life filled with love, compassion, support and laughter.

Our Services

Dementia Care

We are experienced in dementia care and follow the Best Friends approach.


Staying active and having social interaction is incredibly important to all of us

Elder Care

While in our home, we will provide all the same medical care you do in your own home.