Adult Day Care
To Help Keep
Your Loved One
At Home

Supporting You

Caring for an aging loved one is incredibly stressful, even on the best days.

We understand that you want to keep them at home, and you need a break–for social time or even work-that’s where we come in.

You can have your loved one come to our Adult Day Care, based in a home environment for a few hours during the day and know they are well cared for. Allowing you time to recharge.

Flexible Schedules

You need support in a way that works for your life. We understand that and have flexible scheduling that supports you best.

Your loved one can come enjoy themselves 1-5 days a week. They come anywhere from 4 to 8 hours…whatever works best for you.

Adult Day Care in a Safe, Fun & Active Environment

Home environment

We purposely chose to have our services provided in an ACTUAL home environment because we understand being in a home is less stressful to our friends (clients).

They are more comfortable to come to a home rather than an institution. After all, don’t you like going to a friend’s house instead of visiting them in a nursing home?

We feel so strongly that a home environment is best that we don’t have clients, we have FRIENDS.

The Difference

Adult Day Care is different from residential settings like Assisted Living, Memory Care or Nursing Homes in that your loved one will only be coming to our home for only the day.

Unlike In Home Care agencies, your loved one will come to us-no need to worry about a stranger in your home and also giving your loved one the much needed socialization with their peers.

Additionally the activities are designed to give them the joy of having fun and once again doing what they love.

How We Implement Our Passion


Elsie’s House is the dream of a dynamic mother and daughter team, Verna Paynter and Cyndi Shear
About Us

Emotional Support

I have a BS in Social Work and am also a certified Life Coach. I know how to be that soft spot for you to help you get through this difficult time.

I am a nurturer by nature and believe that the care giver is all too often left out of the support of this disease.

With me, you are no longer alone to figure this out alone.

Emergency Calls

Unexpected things happen, so I am available to you outside of our weekly phone calls to help in those times.


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